90-Day Video Bootcamp!

How to get over camera shyness – in a few minutes…

Are you letting your fear of being on video (or your lack of know how of how to use it properly) stop you from taking your business to the next level?

Did you know that business who use videos do up to 50% better?

In fact, my production company (Beeline Films) clients usually more than quadruple their exposure with videos – so I know this stat to be true.

In this over crowded digital age, video is for sure the most powerful marketing tool for your business – so if you are not using it… emmm! why the hell not?!

If you are already using videos, perhaps you struggle with using it right that you are not getting results from it?

If any of these applies, I want to hold you hand to help you show up on videos.

Not just show up, but using videos to give value, to get seen, get your message out there and use it to generate leads.

What are your challenges with using videos?

Let’s have a chat to talk about your current challenges and I will give you – your own personalised step by step action plan to help you start gaining momentum with videos.

Use this link to my diary: calendly.com/folake

I rescued this clip from one of my Facebook lives where my internet died three times! But this is such an important topic that, I had to save whatever content I could salvage