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How do I find the perfect topics for my video content?… 



It’s no wonder, why so many have written about starting with your Why (take Simon Sinek for instance -in his book ‘Start With Why’).

I like to think of it as the fire that powers your intentions/ goals, your action… the who and what you attract.

The magic, however, is that starting with Your Why give an opposite effect – it helps you think more about what others need (it then becomes not about you any longer).

This is why this is a starting point when I coach people to come up with topics for their video content (or even income generating ideas for their business).

  • What is your Why?
  • Why are you in business, when you could easily be paid by someone else to do something else?
  • Why do you keep showing up – even when you don’t feel like showing up?

These are some of the questions that help you shine with passion, empathy, and value in your content and videos – helping you attract the perfect clients for you.

If you’re interested in using video of some sort to boost your business, but maybe you are struggling with the “how” of doing it…

Or you feel you are not coming across the way you want and need your video marketing to be more on point.
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