Be Unstoppable

Get Seen & Recognised For What You Do 

Are you still the best kept secret for what you do?

It’s time to unleash your online visibility with engaging video content.

In a digital world, where everyone is a media creator.

Where our threads are filled with faces talking via live streams…

How would you stand out?

When you have a mission to impact a tribe / community / world, it’s our responsibility to do our very best to get our message out.

How could you do that in an authentic, fun, yet impactful way?

Why Video?

Many of us get drowned in other people’s messages and vision – that we fail to connect with our unique soulful voice when communicating our offerings.

One thing I know of sure, from producing videos for some well known British personalities the likes of Ray Winston, Joan Collins, Ken Follett, Suggs, to Katie Pipper and more…

Is that when you are authentic in your engagement, building your own tribe/ community of people who will value what you have to offer is easy. 

THAT’S how you’ll create a business (and income) that you love.

So therefore, knowing how to communicate your passion and uniqueness to others is a crucial element in this process.

And video as a tool is a perfect way to do this. 

The right video will help you:

  • establish your reputation very strongly in a short space of time
  • expand your reach – so that more people know of you and very quickly
  • also importantly help you increase  your revenue as it allows you to convert more clients.

If videos are so great, why are so many getting it wrong?

Because it’s so easy to pick up a phone or camera to make a video these days, what we see are businesses doing more harm than good for their brands with videos.

Here are three big factors that could be contributing to your lack of result with videos.

Not using the right type of videos

So many women limit themselves to Facebook lives for video content. Even though they tell me “you wonder if anyone is listening – it’s like crickets!”

You lack consistency

Another thing I hear a lot is “ I have used videos, but then I tend not to do them as much anymore’ Consistency is key, in making videos work for you and it is easier to achieve than you think 

You worry what people will think of you

So you limit yourself in how you show up

Can I let you into a little secret about videos?

It changes everything for you. It helps you find your path, step into your power, inspire change and creates an amazing business

Now, if that is not enough to make you stop caring about what people think of you on camera, then nothing will. Regardless, we can work on this too!

There is no doubt about the massive impact video can bring for you business when done right.

    But how can you quickly make videos work for you if:

    • You are not clear what to talk about in your videos

    • You don’t know  how to make your videos engaging?

    • You don’t have time to create your videos

    • You don’t feel you have the necessary equipment

    • You don’t know how to edit videos

    • Or perhaps just don’t have the courage to go on video

    It’s Okay… I’ve got you

      This is why I have created this  ‘one of a kind’ 3 months programme to help you take your business to the next level.

      This is “DONE FOR YOU” programme  to help you create your own unique message and content with the power of video.


      64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it. ~ Hubspot

      These are just a few results from my clients with videos

      • Katie Piper got 100,000s of views and 2000 subscribers on Youtube using my video batch marketing approach. Videos created once that just keeps giving.
      • Sarah Wilson of “I Quit Sugar” grew a successful global audience by using and sharing ‘how to videos’
      • Various cast of TV Programme ‘Made In Chelsea’  catapulted their online presence and book sales with video content produced for them.

      That’s only a handful of past clients…

      Imagine in the next three months:

      Attracting your perfect clients:

      Get paid by people who want to do business with you, who you love doing business with


      Find your own unique voice:

      Uncover the power of your unique story, passion and message to share


      Confidently engaging with your community:

      Reach and connect with your global audience on video – widening the number of people you can help


      Reduce overwhelm and save time:

      Get support to plan, film, edit and create videos – freeing your to do the things you love to do


      We’ll work on:

      The confidence, skills and tools to create and use a variety of videos to reach more people and get more clients.

      • It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out in business or perhaps you are camera shy or maybe you are already creating video content but have a desire to improve the quality of your content

      • I work with you to help you plan and create video content that will increase your exposure and boost your business ideas and goals

      • We will do this through a combination of technical know-how support, resources, planning tools and done for you editing and publishing

      • Working together over a period of time, we will work on your screen confidence, create consistent high value video content your community will love so that you can improve your visibility and bring in more business revenue

      Here’s a break down of our work together…

      This will be amended to your specific goals after first strategy call.

      Clarity – Messaging and Content Planning

      • Agree your pitch, offer and sales goals (for call to action)
      • Plan and agree your filming kit
      • Design your video script template/ structure
      • Agree your social media channel and groups (and brand where necessary)

      Video Marketing Plan

      • Plan out your video marketing plan to use your content to engage your community
      • Learn to use fun and easy platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube to become the go to expert 
      • Research and create a set of tags for your upcoming videos to help you promote and reach your ideal audience

      Done for you videos

      • Over the next 90 days, I will help you create 12 videos which position you as the expert in what you do. There are so many ways to use these videos!
      • I will coach and guide you in creating these video content  – so that you do not feel overwhelmed and they are created to a high standard and you shine in your videos
      • I will help you design your video set up
      • You will get technical support to brand and edit of your videos – so that you have consistent video to market yourself and launch your programmes or profiles.

      Deliverables in a nutshell

      • Bi weekly strategy/ filming calls
      • 12 videos to help get your message out to your community
      • Done for you video editing of your videos
      • Video Intro and Outros created for your videos
      • Email support when you need it
      • Project plan board to help you keep track of your work and keep you focused

      To explore whether this is a fit, use the button below to book some time in the diary.

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