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Attract & Get More Clients With Videos 

Do you struggle to attract clients online? Clients who are perfect for your services and offers?

It’s time to unleash your online visibility with engaging video content.

Do you struggle to get clients online?

Do you have a ‘knowing’ inside that you have a message to promote, but find yourself getting overwhelmed, distracted or confused when you try to communicate it?

Do you worry that you are not coming across right when you have done videos in the past?

Do you feel like no-one is taking notice of your message and offers online?

Are you ready to build your following, your funnel, to upscale your business?

“64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it.”


With stats like that, you have to use video. Let me let you in on a secret…

Showing up on video is not just about the money it brings into your business, its about the confidence it brings to you.

Showing up and voicing your message is an empowerment journey we are all here to learn in our life time. It helps us to serve our people as we serve ourselves.

Working 1:1 we will create high quality videos you need to raise your visibility and sales without overwhelm.

Your Intro Video 

Helping make a good first impression, we will create your About Me / Landing Page Video to grab attention and establish your status.


Testimonial Video

Create videos that positions you as an expert for what you provide and gives your potential clients a re-assurance to choose you above others.


Product Launch Video

Give your sale page an impact by communicating the benefit of your service/ offers in a personal engaging way that converts people into clients.


A Series of Short Videos

Unleash the power of your unique story, passion and message to share using video series and drive traffic to your sales pages.


Confidently Engage Your Community

Reach and connect with your global audience on a soul level – growing your business in the process.


Conquer The Technical Aspect of Video Creation

Bring out your authenticity in front of the camera as I help you master content planning, screen presence, mindset, filming and editing so you can get up and running with your videos faster.


Together we’ll work on:

The confidence, skills and tools to create and use a variety of videos to reach more people and get more clients.

  • It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out in business or perhaps you are camera shy or maybe you are already creating video content but have a desire to improve the quality of your content.
  • I work with you to help you plan and create video content that will increase your exposure and boost your business ideas and goals.
  • We will do this through a combination of technical know-how support, resources, planning tools and done for you editing and publishing.
  • Working together over a period of time, we will work on your screen confidence, create consistent high value video content your community will love so that you can improve your visibility and bring in more business revenue.

Here’s a break down of our work together…

But don’t worry, it will be customised to you

  • Help you get clear on your video content and marketing funnel to ensuring it links to your marketing goals – helping you reach those revenue goals!
  • Map out your marketing funnel and create the range of video for each to capture attention and call to action to offers and products
  • Get support in creating these video content  – so that you do not feel overwhelm and they are created to a high standard and you shine in your videos
  • Create 10 high quality videos you need to raise your visibility and sales from online traffic for the next 12 months and beyond
  • 1x About Me / Landing Page Video to grab attention and establish your status
  • 2x Testimonial Video or equivalent to position you as an expert for what you provide
  • 1x Product Launch Video to communicate the benefit of your service/ offers in a personal engaging way
  • 6x Short Value Videos (to be used for establishing your expert status on social media and direct traffic to your sales pages)
  • Two weekly check-ins calls to plan and review and make sure everything is on track
  • By the end of your bootcamp you will feel equipped in creating your own high quality videos


Why Not Upgrade Your Video Bootcamp?

  • Get a done for you – where your videos are professional filmed and edited for you (London Only)
  • Create your videos faster and professionally made
  • A full day of filming with a self shooting director and production team (including editing)
  • All filming equipments provided for your video production
  • Filmed in a beautiful London Studio

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Folake Bee

is a video producer, filmmaker, and the secret, behind-the-scenes weapon of big names and global business personalities like Ray Winston, Joan Collins, Tony Robbins, Cheryl, Ken Follett, Suggs, Katie Pipper, Sarah Wilson and more. Armed with her dedicated team of creatives and filming equipment, Folake works with clients to boost their on-screen confidence and film the videos that engage audiences and boost sales. Folake has won awards ranging from ‘Best New Start-Up’ by Innovate London, ‘Special Recognition Award’ by the British Female Inventors and Innovators and… Read More