Quick Notes from this Week, talking about landing pages, engagement and outsourcing – the smarter way to set up your business.

Hi guys it’s Friday and I’m just about to sign out for the week but I thought I’ll quickly do a quick video to share some of the things that I learned this week and that is the need to create a business in a way that frees up your time to do other stuff that you love doing but also that you’re not wasting time on things that are not contributing to the business bottom line.

So this last few weeks I’ve been attracting the same type of clients and the characteristics they all have in common is that they either work for other businesses as senior managers or they also currently run other businesses so they need this new venture that they’ve come to me about to be something that is created in a way that it doesn’t take a lot of the time

and therefore things that we are putting in Place are switching from the website to a landing page because landing pages do not take that much effort to update and also it doesn’t require that much resources the second is making sure that the landing page has an offer for the potential client because with an offer it’s like you are giving value even before they become your client.

Secondly by offering something you can actually get their contact details which takes me to the third point about engaging so you continue to engage with these clients because in most cases someone would not really buy from you in the first instance we used to say it takes seven-point of contact before they become your client.

I think now it’s even way more than that so with the constant engagement and eventually they become your client but it’s how you do this in things like your email system is like making sure that they get regular emails from you but that it’s already automated

Fourth is outsourcing like… I cannot stress this enough the need to outsource some of the some parts of your business be it the admin or the marketing and even some of your service delivery because when you outsource it frees you up to do the things you actually like doing and also to actually do things that is contributing to the business bottomline.

So those are the four things that were doing for clients these last few weeks that I think are working.

Switching from website to landing page
Giving an offer on this landing page something of value and
Your engagement automating those engagement and
Fourthly outsourcing

I’m Folake Bee and I run my own digital marketing company and I also help businesses automate their marketing process. I also help individuals create businesses around the things they love while they continue to work or while they continue to work for other businesses because we’ll automate the process for them until they test that idea and it starts to make them money.
If you’ll like to connect with me I’m on Twitter Instagram and Facebook just use the username Folakebee

Have a good weekend 💕

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