Business Ickiness – How to stop feeling stuck.

When we are feeling stuck or overwhelmed and can’t see the wood for the trees – then its usually time to get some perspective, so we can get to a chilled out, carefree place like these guys here I saw on my last trip

how to stop feeling stuck

If your ‘stumble’ is to do with business or growing your passion or skill into an avenue that support you financial, then let me give you my tips on how to get moving again.

I know of 4 okay… 5 proven steps/ tips to take a business or skill from nothing to something (talking from years of trial and errors). I am constantly tweaking these, but so far, here’s is my way. I hope there is something here for you to use.

1. Have you built your shop front?

CV/ Website/ Proposal template – whatever… know what your offering is and what your charges are – this is very crucial, because I see a lot of people wanting to get out there and when I ask what your price points/ offering/ proposal is – they mumble and then they wonder why they are not confident to stand in front of a potential client and make a clear offering.

And then there are some of us that are everywhere – online, social media, events etc etc – but not really offering anything and not monetising (I use this word lightly) their community (fair enough if you are doing this for free).

2. Do you know or have you a list of potential channels or people you would love to work with and are you actively engaging with them?

My system of engagement is usually – email contact, follow up with a call (yep, I still believe in calling – someone has to do it), email contact, follow up with a call – until you get the meeting/ conversation going or they say no/ or totally ghost you ). There is no shame in your desire to build a business/ follow your calling or knowing you are contacting them to actually help them. Do this from a empathetic compassionate place.

3. Do you know how to pitch your offering/ skill and are you monitoring your KPIs?

What is your “money maker”? Know what it is and use it to shine. Are you a peoples’ person, a techie or intuitive. Whatever, use this as your way to engage.

I’m a peoples person. I love people and can engage quite easily. These days I don’t even see it as a sales pitch anymore. I usually get ’em while I am having lunch or coffee with them, laughing with them, giving them value – and if they feel they want to work with me – then that will be the case.

Regarding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), you are looking at monitoring the key things in your business that contribute to your business bottomline – for example data from your google analytics, marketing & sales conversions etc etc. With sales conversation for example, I am usually 3 prospects to 1 beautiful soul (client I think you call it 🙂 ) coming on board to work with me (and long may it continue…. Auuuuoooommmmm ‍♀️ )

4. Do you want to scale Up?

Use Digital Marketing to build your brand and momentum and stop selling your time for money.

I could write an essay on this one – but it includes things like content creation, systems, funnels and outsourcing  – and doing this in an authentic quality driven way. Don’t use a channel or tool just because everyone else is doing it – just don’t.

Also changing your mindset to that of not selling your time for money. This is a game changer and there are so many ways to do this, depending on your type of business and what stage of business you currently are and even whether you are currently working for another company.

5. Do You know How To Use Your Innate God Given Energy… Your Woo Woo

There is something else that underpins all these. Creating your action from an energetic place propelled by your innermost desire. When you create “goals / intention” from an intuitively inspired place – you will be surprise at how the universe makes way for you to bring these to reality. I usually say, its like creating the fire beneath your breath/ actions. This is about propelling your action with an inner strength that can be so potent. This is also something I can write a book about, but today is not the day.

Oh… just one more thing, if you are really really stuck and not sure what direction to go… I find the best thing to do is… just do anything. No following gurus that tell you to do this and do that – that you become overwhelm and left doing nothin. Get the energy moving.

Usually by just following those little crumbs of inspired action, you’ll find your way and before you know it – you are living your dreams. Folake Bee.

So you got it.

That is how I got my first video production business started with no investment and capital, how I first transition into contracts work and this is how we are building my Digital Marketing Business –  which is allowing me to follow my dreams of helping others build their lifestyle business.

Connect with me – if I can help your business get more momentum. We with implementing all the digital assets you need to get running  – so you can concentrate on using your magic whatever it may be.

My diary is always open – … Always

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