How to Get Content for Social Media

This Week’s Notes is about how to get content for social media.


Week Notes: how to get content for social media.

Hi its Folake Bee here a quick video on a key theme that’s been coming up with a couple of clients I’ve been working with this week and that is how to get content for social media like
– how do you know what to post
– how do you post things that you feel confident in and
– how do you even find ideas on what to post on social media

A quick video and just share some really quick tips that I have been sharing with my clients and I guess the first thing is making sure that if you are going to start engaging on social media if you’re going to start creating content for social media Making sure its Engaging but also that it is educational that the content that you are producing matches your brand.

it’s about getting a good balance between those three engage and its educational so then it’s of value and that your content actually matches the brand of your business

How do you get these content?
well again there are three ways that I get content the first is if the content is to be educational a good place to get ideas is actually places like Google so with Google you could get some of the FAQs some of the frequently asked questions in your area in your sector if you google that and you see what people are actually asking about a lot you know that that is a key problem for people and that’s why they is why they are searching for it so your content could be based around the FAQs and

I use other apps like question samurai and with that app you literally just put in the subject and it will tell you the exact questions that people are asking on that subject so that’s a really good place to get ideas on what you should post if you want it to be educational and then the other place I use would be learnings from working with my clients like what I’m doing today so the reason why I am posting this video is because one of the theme that has been coming up with the conversation I’ve been having is how do I start engaging on social media how can I do it in a way that I feel aligned to what I’m posting and I’m so shy and I don’t know how to do this and I don’t know where to get the content the conversation has been coming up this week with my clients and this is why I’m posting this

So if you if you pay attention to the things that you learning at work or in your business with your clients you will start to see certain themes that you feel comfortable in sharing on social media

Then the third is actually trying to infuse some personality into your social media content otherwise it’s going to be all boring and then you know you just gonna bore people to death or there’s not going to be personality in your content you know you want people to get to know you and getting to know you it’s about getting to see your personality and seeing some of the things behind the scenes So some personal content post things that you are comfortable with the whole world seeing because as soon as it’s out there it’s out there for the world you infuse some personality into your content and will make it really engaging and so I guess those are the three key things I’ve been sharing for my clients to try and see how that goes

In terms of what actual social media platforms you should use I would say if you’re starting out to try and just maybe just choose one or two social media platforms to start with just one you feel really aligned with that you feel that you know you can communicate with some people don’t like LinkedIn because I feel like you know they cannot express themselves properly some people don’t like Facebook and some people don’t get Instagram then some people love Instagram and Some would love LinkedIn it is whatever you feel more aligned with so maybe just start with two Build up a following and then you can actually start using other social media platforms or you can get really good this to social media platforms but then you are populating your feeds into other social media platforms so that’s what I do

I use Instagram a lot but if I post to Facebook I know that will go onto my Twitter feeds and then populate that into other social media platforms and I was telling my clients is that you can have one content and the content you can use it in so many different ways to save time so I did this video for example I’m going to have a snippet that is going to go in to Instagram I’m going to have the full version that will go into my blog and the link to my blog going to Facebook and that will go into Twitter so it’s about making content Like once but it’s going to be used time and time again so that’s how you need to start thinking about your content too so anyways

I hope that’s very useful I’m just going to recap so literally to get content to try and make it in gauging try make it educational but also try make sure that it blends in with your brand and what value that you’re trying to provide in the business and then start with like two social media platforms get really good at that and then you can use other social media platforms and think about when you’re creating content creating things that you can use time and time again and re- purpose for other social media platforms and if you start with that yeah you’re gonna be rolling

I’m Folake Bee if you’d like to connect with me on Facebook Twitter Instagram just use the username folakebee.