This Week’s Notes is about how to get your business going when you are feeling stuck


Hi it’s Folake Bee and this weeks quick video is about how to get your business idea going especially when you are feeling stuck because this is an area that I have been speaking to a few people about this couple of weeks and also this is an area that I have gone through like a few times so I’m becoming a pro at it…

I still remember my first business which was a video production company which I went in totally like without experience all I knew then was well I’m very good at business I’m very good at getting clients I love helping people and I love the creative process so why can’t I start a video production company? I remember sitting there with my telephone thinking how am I going to get clients? how am I going to get any client for this business?

I have the idea and I have people to do the work but how am I going to get clients and I remember also just going about my day to day stuff and then passing businesses thinking how do they get clients? So I totally get this feeling of like.. that feeling you go through when you’re starting a new project and you don’t know what to do because it’s either two things first it’s either that you feel totally stuck because we are bombarded nowadays with like information on how to do this and you should do that.

We get emails and we get webinars et cetera that actually we are overloaded with these information that we get that we don’t do anything there’s too many choices or the other way that we actually just feel stuck and you’re like I don’t know what to do that you don’t do anything there’s too many choices

The three tips that I’ve been telling my client to follow and I think could help you too the first one is actually don’t try and fit into a box because personally and in my experience the times when I have been stuck is when I felt that I needed to know what my plans was before I started the business. Sometimes there is that expectation that you should know what your niche is and you should know exactly what your offerings are before you get out there and that can make us feel stuck because you are like I don’t know and the more you try to think about it the more it doesn’t come.

What has work for me is actually to just get out there and start talking about my idea and I find that the more people I talk to and tell them about my idea the more I attract people that actually need me. Sometimes they don’t come in the form that I think they will because they need something totally different to what I had already thought of doing but it’s something that I could help them with so if you go with that sort of mindset with the intention of actually seeing what the problems are in your market or in your industry and then you can provide to that.

It’s almost like a different approach where your prospects or your potential clients are telling you exactly what you’re offering should be and it’s it’s a much fluid way of getting your business going. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t have a plan or you shouldn’t have a business plan you would have that at the back of your mind or in your business plan

Listen to what the actual problems are and then provide to that which then brings me to my second tip which is start on out on a one-to-one basis like you working with people on a personal basis when you can then deliver to their needs and what this helps you to do is to deliver a really good level of service.

You can then create the marketing assets you need for the next stage with things like testimonials things like case studies, tips that will help you fine tune your own business offerings, your FAQs the frequently asked questions.

I know it’s a very slow process but it’s really going to help you for the next stage then you scale up… this is then now time for you to scale up the business and there’s so many different ways you could scale your business you know I spoke about this in one of my previous videos so if you didn’t see that go on my blog FolakeBee and get that but we can automate your marketing you can outsource some of the things that you do you can create more offerings digital products.

The idea is that you want to move from selling your time to now selling things that you’ve created once and you can reuse. The point is you have to start thinking about this and it’s a mindset thing just shifting your mindset from doing business on the one-to-one basis to looking at how you can utilise your resources more and you how can like grow the business.

These are the three tips I have been speaking to my clients about and the first is like i said you need to get out there just get out and start talking to people. This sort of shift the energy and it breaks off that feeling of being stuck. Just speaking to people you’ll find that you start to attract the right type of people to you that actually need you you might not know exactly what you need to provide but you’ll know by speaking to them and looking at what the problems are in most cases they will be things that you can solve.

Use that to create some marketing assets that you need like client testimonials case studies et cetera and then the third thing is then but actually I should say in the second stage you always have in mind a target number of clients that you need to bring in. For me it’s like when I’m starting a new project or new business I always have a number be like okay I need this number of clients between this so so time because if I get that then I know that this business idea that I have is viable and is the same for you because you feel more confident in what you’re offering and you know you’ve tested it and you know people need it and will pay for it so always have in mind and then the third thing is then to start thinking about scaling up after you’ve done STEP2.

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