Do You Ever Feel Stuck – and If So, Can I help?

Feeling stuck

The other day I read an article in which a friend wrote about his first experience going rock climbing.
Halfway up he got – understandably – scared.

From that moment on he kept wanting to go down each time he felt he was stuck and couldn’t find a new grip or foothold.
But each time, he thought: “I can’t be stuck, because others have climbed this route before. This route is not impossible”.
And then he’d find another hold for a hand or a foot, and up he went, bit by bit.
He made a good point: There really is no such thing as a dead-end.

When we feel that we’re stuck, what happens isn’t that we ARE stuck – we just don’t know what action should be next.
Because you’ll agree: there’s always something that you can do, something that will in some way contribute to solving whatever issue or problem you have.

There’s never nothing left to do.

But what should we do, what do we tackle first?

Once we ask ourselves that question, doubt sets in, frustration gets added, and we end up with analysis paralysis: our mind keeps going round in circles, and we don’t know for the life of us where to start, and we feel even more stuck.

My friend had it easy, up on that rock: he had two choices: either give up and rappel down safely – or reach, grapple, and climb another 3 inches.

But if we’re talking about running your business, it’s not that clear cut.

That’s why I’m giving you the opportunity to have a 1-on-1, completely free, “unstuck session” with me.

45 minutes on the phone or on Skype, where you can ask me anything you want about moving forward, and where I’ll help you figure out exactly which steps to take to get yourself moving again.

Let me help you cut through the clutter: I don’t yet know your situation, but I’ve had plenty of stuck moments in my own business – and today I’m giving you the chance to use my experience to get yourself into gear.

There’s nothing like the outside perspective of a professional who knows from experience what you’re going through.
Just reply to this post or shoot me an email at folake at and tell me in 4 or 5 lines what’s ailing in your business, and I’ll reply with the times available for you to choose for your call.

Looking forward to talking!

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