Promote your business and product launches all year round using “done for you” high quality dynamic videos and video marketing.

An opportunity to have your own dedicated video and marketing experts supporting your marketing objectives and goals. 


Hi, I’m Folake Bee

For the past few years, my work has been focused on creating video promotion for well known public figures such as Ken Follett (The Pillars of the Earth), Cheryl (Singer, Television Personality), Jemma Kidd (Make Up Artist & Fashion Model), Katie Piper (Philanthropist, Television Presenter) and Tony Robbins (Businessman, and Author), to broadcasters such as BBC and MTV.

As the founder of London-based production companies – Beeline Films and WDF Productions, my team and I have helped many of the UK’s leading publishers, brands and agencies expand their reach and raise their bottom line using beautifully made video content and promos.

I don’t intend to ‘teach you to suck eggs’, as most likely you are aware of the effectiveness of using videos as a marketing tool.


We already know that video is a perfect way to:

  • establish your reputation and brand recognition
  • expand your reach – so that more people know of you and
  • also importantly help you make recurring revenue.


In fact, according to comScore…

  • The number of Internet users who watch online video each day – 100 Million!
  • The average time a user spends watching online video ads every month – 16 minutes and 49 seconds!
  • The likelihood of a website visitor buying your product after watching a video – 64%
  • In addition, visitors who view videos stay on the site an average of 2 minutes longer than those who don’t view videos
  • PLUS, our clients on average would more that quadruple their sales with videos.

This is why for the last 9 years, my company has been making videos for businesses, helping them increase their exposure and attract clients. We have come a long way from the days of making low budgets videos to now becoming one of the main suppliers to leading publishers, broadcasters and well known celebrities.

We know how our large corporate clients are using videos and see why they stand out online and engage better with their audience.

How Would You Like To Increase Your Exposure Using Videos & Social Media?

Because we have an offer for you to help you:

  • Become more visible to the world
  • Find and promote your own unique brand voice
  • Uncover the power of story, passion and message to share
  • Confidently engage with the online community in a dynamic way and stand out
  • Create all year video content to do this and actively use it to build your online community.

What is it?

A four month done for you service to help you increase your exposure using high end video and online marketing.

Here’s whats included:

Video Content Planning 

  • Help you define your message and call to action
  • We will review your scripts for each video – so that you feel confident enough to deliver them
  • Get clear on what you are communicating / selling from your video series (i.e. your offerings)
  • Plan out the different types of video to create – so that you have video content all year round
  • Help you review your video script/ message – so that you are using your own unique voice and that it connects with your target audience and gets results.


Full Package Video Production – ‘Done for You’ High End Promotional Videos 

  • A professional production team creating all your promotional videos
  • You will spend a day with a self shooting director who will coach you on camera and film your videos to a high level of standard
  • All filming equipments will be provided, including a teleprompter. This ensures that you don’t have to memorise your scripts – and you come across professionally
    The range of videos made for you (depending on the outcome of our first VIP day together) may include:

    • 1x About Us/ Introduction video 
    • 2x Testimonial Video
    • 1x Product Launch Video
    • 6x Series of short Youtube/ Social Media

    Your production day will be scheduled for a time suitable for you and your allocated self-shooting director.


3 Months Video Marketing – ‘Done For You’ Youtube Video Marketing 

  • Video Uploading –  Once the videos are created, we will upload these onto YouTube for you in an optimized fashion.
  • Video Optimisation –  We will write a catchy titles and description.  This allows for another opportunity to get the message across to people.
  • Backlink Building within Video Description & Video Keyword Tagging
  • YouTube Video Commenting – to encourage engagement and credibility
  • Monthly End of Month Reporting and Auditing

By the end of programme – you’ll have in place a highly emotional engaging series of videos that:

  • Communicates your vision by saying exactly what you do and why you do it
  • Helps you launch your next products and services authentically
  • Establishes you as an expert in your field
  • Attract your perfect clients and – people who want to do business with you, who you love doing business with
  • Uncover the power of your unique story, passion and message to share
  • Confidently engage your community Reach and connect with your global audience on a soul level – growing your business with effortless ease.

One thing I know of sure is that when you have professional, high quality videos authentic to your brand, building your business community who value what you offer comes easily…. and this is one of the secrets to creating ease in your business.

Overall, we are passionate about promoting business personalities and their passion. We have produced videos to promote many product launches and businesses personalities.

Here are a few examples of how we are supporting other well known business personalities:

I Quit Sugar Book Series

We have supported Sarah Wilson’s Marketing campaign since 2013 with the very first “I Quit Sugar” book release. Over the years she has launched the “Quit Sugar in 8 weeks”, followed by the how to “Quit Sugar for Life”, and ‘I Quit Sugar Simplicious’. For each book launch we have created various high quality engaging video content that are easily sharable and educational – creating a viral like effect.

An example of video we produced:

Katie Piper – YouTube Page Launch

Using our full day shoot package – we launched Katie Piper’s YouTube video content. Working over a day to create inspiring videos that Katie’s PR and Marketing Managers could promote all year round.

A snippet of Katie’s YouTube pages is shown below. She releases her video over time, but videos are shot in bulk over various film days:


Made in Chelsea – Francis Boulle

We have promoted a variety of all the ‘Made in Chelsea’ cast and their different business ventures.

Here is one of our old time favourites – the reality star and entrepreneur – Francis Boulle.


Jemma Kidd, Make Up Artist

Here’s Jemma Kidd getting her message out to their global audience.

What It’s Like Working With Us

A Look Behind the scenes

Sometimes we are commissioned to make one off big promotional videos like this one. A global product transcribed into different languages, needing various actors and engaging graphics.

You can use this to take a peek at what happens behind the scenes…

And… we film in location like these:

video day location2


Are You Ready To Become More Visible? 

If yes, this programme was created for you if: 

  • You are ready to be the face of your brand and become more visible to the world
  • You are ready to reach your global audience with your authentic unique voice
  • You have a message and happy for a team of marketing experts to help you reach more people


Here’s what people are saying about our production…

Will Taylor Bright Bazaar


Also, here’s East London Business Place talking about their experience of working with my team…

“Matthew Connelly, Programme Manager KEEN“… It was the first time we have used video and Folake and her team made the whole process very easy for us. The end product was even better than we had hoped for!


Interested to know more?

Schedule a call back using the box below.

I look forward to connecting and getting to know you and your business better.


  • Is this another course?

No. The Celebrity CEO is not a ‘course’. This is a combination of 1:1 done for you video production and marketing (using high end promotional videos and online marketing).

  • What is the aim of the programme?

This programme will help you market and establish your reputation as high paid expert/ service provider – helping you attract your ideal clients.

  • How long does this programme last for?

On average 5months (no longer). However, depending on the outcome of your strategy day.

  • What is ‘done for you’?

It means a team of expert carrying out your online promotions. This is not a course where you learn and go and implement it. You will have a team, creating your videos and marketing your offerings/services for you – online.

  • I don’t have the time now – can I do it another time?

Yes, you can. However, we can only take a handful of people over a period of time. This is to ensure that there is capacity to carry out the required work to help get your message out to your global audience. And considering this last for on average 5 months, you will want to apply early to avoid disappointment.

  • Will the pricing stay the same?

We cannot guarantee the pricing will remain the same. The current investment has been heavily discounted (when compared to charges for our corporate clients) to give more small businesses and ‘Solopreneurs’ the opportunity to take advantage of this unique opportunity. We cannot promise to keep it at this level.



To recap, here’s what we will be creating for you over the next four months:

  • Help you get clear on your video content and ensuring it links to your marketing goals
  • A full day of filming with a self shooting director and production team (including editing)
  • All video equipments including teleprompter for your video productions
  • All the videos you will need to raise your visibility and sales for the next 12 months and beyond
    • 1x About Us / Introduction video
    • 2x Testimonial video or equivalent
    • 1x Product launch video
    • 6x Short Youtube videos (to be used for product creation or for establishing your expert status on social media)
  • 3 months Youtube Video marketing with monthly analytics
  • Monthly check-ins calls to review and make sure everything is on track.