I am a tech and digital marketing enthusiast – with a zest for ideas and passion for all things engagement.

As a digital transformation project manager, my experience in change management, procurement, stakeholder management, programme management office frameworks – combined with my connections in both the tech and creative communities, equip me to effectively project manage digital/ tech programmes using both an agile or waterfall approach.

Uniquely combined is my passion for digital marketing platforms and processes.

I can perfectly match solutions to needs of tech companies or service providers in todays digital marketing age to help them reach more people, engage effectively and raise their business bottom line.

I provide the seamless link between the tech and digital marketing worlds, drawing on my background in both the technology industry, skill in video production and digital marketing.

I utilise this skillset for the benefit of helping companies communicate their technical capabilities and establish themselves on digital platforms in a way that engages with a predefined group; be it buyers or suppliers.

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