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Some people say I’m the go-to-girl when it comes to communicating your passion and values with video, and growing your business in the process. It’s a big compliment – but all I can say is that I do know how to make video work for your business.

Having run a production company for the last 12 years plus, my team and I have helped many of the UK’S leading publishers; brands and agencies expand their reach and raise their bottom line.

We’ve created video for all kinds of clients, from Cheryl, Katie Piper and Tony Robbins, to broadcasters such as BBC to MTV.

I’m thoroughly passionate about helping business owners establish themselves as the number one provider, the most sought-after solution to whichever problem it is your business solves.

It comes down to positioning yourself (or your company), and video is a great way to do it.

I love working with clients, showing them how to make and use videos to more than quadruple their exposure with videos and essentially grow their business.

One of the things I’m especially keen on is working with female entrepreneurs who are passionate about what they have to offer and are keen on getting people to like and buy their products/ services. 

Very often, women aren’t so sure about ‘selling’ and ‘marketing’ – which means video is a great choice because it’s gentle, and doesn’t have to be pushy or salesy at all.

Seeing my clients’ light bulb moments as they discover the fun and usefulness of video is a wonderful part of my work.

To me, the first thing about marketing – indeed about being in business – is being able to confidently be yourself and this is one key area we focus on when working together.

There’s only ONE YOU, and that you is what makes your business unique. Video helps you make people see that, and that will attract them to you.

This is why my work is to help you know what it feels like to have 100% certainty, clarity and confidence in your message and how you share it with others, so that when you create your video you know exactly what to say, and you get the technical support to film and edit your videos so that it delivers and gets results. 

This will allow you to increase your exposure, helping you get your message out to your audiences and increase your business revenue.


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is a video producer, filmmaker, and the secret, behind-the-scenes weapon of big names and global business personalities like Ray Winston, Joan Collins, Tony Robbins, Cheryl, Ken Follett, Suggs, Katie Pipper, Sarah Wilson and more.

Armed with her dedicated team of creatives and filming equipments, Folake works with clients to boost their on-screen confidence and film the videos that engage audiences and boost sales.

Folake has won awards ranging from ‘Best New Start Up’ by Innovate London, ‘Special Recognition Award’ by the British Female Inventors and Innovators and a ‘Gold Medal’ at the British Invention Show for Creative Video Content Production. She has been featured in The Voice paper, Entrepreneur & Investor Magazine, and Minute Hack magazine, Business Woman radio, and she has forthcoming pieces in Cosmopolitan Magazine and The Times. Folake also has a number of speaking engagements confirmed throughout the year.