5 Tips for being more authentic in your message & promotions

It’s funny how the thing that makes video so powerful can also work against you if you’re not careful.

The thing is that video is extremely personal, and that gives you the chance to connect with people – but it also means you need to come across as authentic and sincere.


Especially these days, when everyone is bombarded with marketing messages 24/7.

People are smart, they can tell when someone isn’t sincere. And believe me, when someone wonders if you’re for real or not, that directly harms the trust they need to decide to become your client.

Now, being sincere and coming across as authentic isn’t all that difficult. Keep the following points in mind, and you should be fine:

1: Be yourself
Trying to be someone you’re not is the biggest mistake you can make. You don’t need to imitate anyone, you don’t need to follow a certain style or rules – just be yourself. Relax. Tell your story. Smile.

2: Practice. Practice again
People are looking for reasons to not trust what we tell them, simple because there’s so much marketing and there are so many hyped up claims – we’re all permanently on the lookout for signs that something is ‘too good to be true’ or that someone is trying to con us.
And unfortunately, it’s very easy for a viewer to mistake a nervous blink of the eyes, or a tremble in your voice, as a sign of insincerity.

So practice as often as you can – just use your PC camera and tell your story, and then keep repeating until it’s easy and second nature.

Get rid of your stage fright before you record the real thing and you’ll come across much better.

3: Sunglasses are out, of course
But also consider things like lighting: if you choose a great outdoors location as a background, but the sun is right in your eyes and you keep squinting, you’re constantly frowning at the viewer and that doesn’t help.
Or your clothing: if you wear a very eye-catching outfit, it might look flashy but by distracting attention away from your face, people won’t as readily connect with you emotionally.

One more thing: Pay attention to your language: nearly all of us use too many filler words: Like, you know, awesome, right, ok – you get the idea.

Reducing those words will make you sound more together and more reliable, so practice speaking as astutely as possible. (I know it’s hard, but it’s really worth the effort!)

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