5 Reasons Why Movement is Essential For Your Success

For a couple of months this year, I found myself slow, sluggish and not my usual dynamic self.

This was due to few reasons. I was in a small accident that left me unable to walk, I accepted a contract job – which meant for a change I was tied to one location and one office. In addition, I was unable to do any fitness stuff or join any get up and go trips!

This got me thinking about how many people get stuck in this cycle of being static – not realising how detrimental it is to their overall success in life.

You are not meeting new people, the last time your body did any ‘sweat’ was probably like.. to far to remember, and talking about travel… you have not left your current city/ home town… in like forever.
If you find yourself resonating with this, then I think it’s time to make small changes and get yourself moving.

Life is too short to stay stuck

“Life is too short to stay stuck. Move, have fun, and bring the party to you!”

Here’s why….

There are 5 things I learnt during this period of immobility and how you can use movement to increase your success in life…

1. The Mind Takes Over

The mind is such a ticking bomb. Give it a free reign and it will completely take over you. This is what happens when we stay stuck.


The danger here is that when the mind takes over;

you over think things…

then in most cases find yourself paralysed and unable to act on your goals/ vision…

then you stress out some more…

It’s a vicious circle.

“Psychologists have found that over-thinking can be detrimental to human performance, and can lead to anxiety and depression, especially in women, who are much more likely than men to ruminate on stress and disappointments than men.” http://themindunleashed.org

Getting yourself out of this, brings me to my next point…

2. Frequency Level is Low

You dip in your vibration level. Our body is created to move. We are energy; everything around us is energy. When you move your body via exercise, travel, dance, creativity, meditation (yes you can move your energy using mediation) you raise your vibration.

How do you know when you are on the right vibration level? When you are happy, in flow, your creativity heightens, things happen with ease….

When you raise your vibration, you attract opportunities, the same type of happy people as you are, etc. However, when you are on a low vibration level, you attract negativity and other stuff in that same level of vibration.

Like attract like –I’m sure you get my point.

3. You Stop Meeting New People

This means your network remains as it is or more likely shrinks.

When I do business mentoring, I always tell my mentees to always aim for MORE people knowing about them today, than they did yesterday.

When you improve your mobility, you meet more people, widen your network and you get to hear about more opportunities.

4. Limited Perception – Limited to The Ego

The Ego has a way of tricking us to stay small, play safe or do things for other people’s approval.

Whatever the case, getting the support we need, getting connected to the universal source of energy only happens by leaving your comfort zone and getting out there.

The help is not going to come to you – sitting at home, thinking ‘things have to change’.

As someone who started her first business from nothing, I know how we can sometimes get into the habit of ‘working from home’ getting stuck in your day to day routine and staying within your box and your own internal dialogue.

The trick here is to leave your comfort zone, get out there and talk about your ideas so that it expands in energy and if you are like me – take a gamble and test your ideas/ vision (and damn the consequences).

5. No Fun ☹

Now, this is my favourite.

What is the point to life, if it’s NOT fun?

I go by this slogan – “I bring the party/ fun with me”.

Even when I am working within a corporate setting, I try not to compromise my authentic self for corporate identity. I focus on what I love and let this shine through me. I engage with people (because I love people), I tell stories (because I am nothing without that), and absolutely stay connected with people that matters to me – a party here and then helps also 🙂

So if fashion gives you a sense of happiness, or perhaps it is connecting with people, or some creative way of expressing yourself – get out there and try and inject some fun no matter what circumstance you find yourself.

In short, life is too short to stay stuck. Move, have fun and bring the party to you.

No matter what the circumstance you find yourself, this will pass – but you will always remember the experience.

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