Folake Bee

If you are here for marketing, you’ve missed the point. I’m about helping you change lives and making a positive impact.

My creative approach to using videos (in particular) to impact audiences has won awards, but my passion for your vision and story, is why I do what I do.

In fact, I am sharing with you a few insiders secrets on how you can catapult your business with videos.

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I highly recommend WDF: the team is creative, assured, extremely reliable and always well-organised on the day of the shoot. What’s more they are lovely to work with – helpful, flexible and fun. I’ve been very pleased with all the videos they’ve made to promote various books and authors.

Jodie Mullish

Head of Marketing, Pan Macmillan

I’m going through a next level of outsourcing thanks to the wonderful Folake Bee, and team I’m managing all kinds of wonderful. 

Jenny Kovacs

Business Visibility Coach, Gift Wish UK

Given I was full of nerves right before the UK book launch, I’m pleased with how this video came out!

Will Taylor

CEO, Bright Bazaar

Folake is an absolute pleasure to work with. She has great interpersonal skills and is a lateral thinker that always strives for high quality results and customer satisfaction.

Emanni Patel

Business Development Manager, East London Business Place